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Enjoy the Results!

Enjoy the results of a good pass rate with Enjoy Economics Learnerís Books and Teacherís Guides as they:

Life Orientation

Cover the Curriculum:

  • All the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Standards for Economics are covered in an extensive and integrated way so that no other resources are needed.

  • There is an introduction to the NCS in FET and Economics in the teacherís guide to assist teachers with what is expected of them and their learners.

Are Results Driven:

  • Enjoy Economics is activity based so that learners can practise what they have learnt.

  • There are case studies and examples in the Learnerís Book so that learners will be able to apply their knowledge in real world situations.

  • All skills are developed in a systematic way so that learnerís will be able to to grasp concepts more easily, ensuring a good understanding and pass rates.

  • The content of Enjoy Economics prepare learners for their Matric exam.

Are Easy to Use:

  • Learning Area Outcomes are clearly listed in the material to make it easier to use.

  • Page referencing to the Learnersí Book activities are supplied in the Teacherís Guide for easy access for teachers.

  • Model answers to all activities and methodological guidelines are given in the Teacherís Guide, which cuts down on planning and preparation.

  • Assessment is explained in detail in the Teacherís Guide and suggestions and forms of assessment are supplied to make assessment of learnerís easier.

  • A variety of assessment tools like rubrics, checklists, projects and tests are used to cut down on lesson planning.

Enjoy Economics Grade 11 LB - available 2006
Enjoy Economics Grade 11 TG - available 2006

Enjoy Economics Grade 12 LB - available 2007
Enjoy Economics Grade 12 LB - available 2007

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